JONESTOWN - Another Failed Socialistic Utopia

JIM JONES Promised "Equality", "Paradise"...918 people were killed

He used religion to manipulate people
● Jim Jones was a communist who killed 918 people in November 18th, 1978
● He was a Marxist but the media has sold him as a Christian cult leader
● He used religion as a front to attrack people and to conceal that his true gospel was communism
● Jones: “I decided how can I demonstrate my Marxism? The thought was infiltrate the church." audio transcript Q134
● He rejected the Bible and wrote "The Letter Killeth"
● He used his followers. A lot of them believed in God. They blindly believed Jim Jones’ demagoguery.
● Jones and his followers left their bank accounts to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union:
letter to Feoder Timofeyev left $7.3 million to the Communist Party of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic
letter signed by Annie McGowan
another letter signed by Annie McGowan
letter from Maria Katsaris left all the bank money to the Communist Part Soviet Union
letter signed by Marceline M. Jones (wife of Jim Jones) left all bank assets to the Communist Party of the USSR
letter signed by Carolyn Layton, left all assets Communist Party of the U.S.S.R.
(primary source: Jonestown Institute - San Diego State University)


video: Killing Rep. Ryan (D-CA)

He abused children, sodomized a follower, tortured and held temple members at gunpoint. Reports about kidnapping, rape (men & women) and possible murder of disgruntled members. Defrauded the government and the people of welfare and Social Security checks. Massive welfare fraud that funded its operations. FBI investigation, Sex & Homosexuality in Peoples Temple

San Francisco liberal politicians did not care how Jones could snap his fingers and direct hundreds of people to stack a public meeting or volunteer for a campaign.

They covered up for him. "The ends justify the means."
The people, the officials and journalists of San Francisco looked the other way. It didn’t matter he was a dangerous Marxist. They believed in the same things Jones did. They thought Jones could help them and manage the community.

He met with Democrat first lady Rosalyn Carter, Democrat vice presidential candidate Walter Mondale, California governor Jerry Brown. Was awarded a local Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian Award even though he killed more African-Americans than the KKK. He also received the praise of California lieutenant governor Mervyn Dymally, a state assemblyman Willie Brown. The mayor of San Francisco appointed Jones to the city housing authority in 1975. He was welcomed by the left: Jesse Jackson, Angela Davis, The Black Panthers (a radical left group).
Skeletons in the Left’s Closet

Remembering Jonestown

Who is now preaching Marxism and hate in church? Preaching with anger and bitterness against the United States? Who is negatively influencing his followers?
Obama’s Spiritual Mentor: Rev. Wright. Father Pleger.

His crimes were ignored. They gave him all kinds of awards instead. He was a very popular guy. The press agreed with a lot of what he said. William Ayers, anybody?

Every time these socialist nightmares go bad, it ends in deaths from 918 to 100 million deaths by communism. They conveniently shift the blame on the right: Christianity, capitalism, etc…

LESSON: Dependence is Deadly
Currently, government and the media are giving us the dependence poison. "Government knows best." The followers of Jim Jones said: he gave them healthcare, equality; he thought for them. They drank the toxic Kool-Aid because Jones told them to do so. Now, people are giving up their freedoms while letting the government take care of everything. Bailouts, anybody?

Dependence. Cult of Personality: A "charismatic figure has turned into a creepy and possibly malignant force." "Mindless, automatic, unquestioning acceptance of the Man With All the Answers..."
The Obama Hypnosis.

Dependence....deadly as toxic Kool-Aid.

A free society must not allow itself to be content until everyone recognizes Communism
is a road to terror and oppression.

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