Obama's War

Obama Bombs Pakistan – Kills 22
Remote-controlled US airstrikes killed 22 people at suspected terrorist hideouts inside Pakistan

Obama Begins Air-Raiding Villages & Killing Innocent Civilians

A few questions about President Obama’s first airstrike:
○ Where are the anti-war liberals?
○ Where are the baby-killer signs?
○ Why [aren't] the major media networks showing pictures of dead children as a result of Pres. Obama’s air strike?
○ How many innocent civilians were killed?
○ Why didn't he try diplomacy first? So much for "hope" or "change".

US Attacked
US Embassy in Yemen Attacked
No more O-Kumbaya: Gunmen attack US embassy in Yemen
Al-Qaeda #3 Calls For Attacks on US & Britain

Gitmo Coming To Your Neighborhood?
9/11 Family Member Appalled at Obama's Gitmo Closing
Murtha Would Welcome Gitmo Terrorists
Gitmo's Ghosts

Love Thy Terrorist
Obama Camp Announces Talks With Iran Without Preconditions
Obama Speaks to Al-Arabiya... Refuses to Link Islam to Terror--Says All Religions Have Extremists
From Russia With Love: Iran Gets Top Air Defense System

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