MYTH BUSTED: Conservatives did oppose Bush



Contrary to popular myth promulgated by liberals and repeated by the uninformed, conservatives did criticize Bush when his plans were not in America's best interest.

Conservatives are not afraid of criticizing those who are wrong, even people within the same party.

Wrong is wrong no matter who does it.

Sampling of conservatives criticizing President Bush's plans:
Michelle Malkin against bailouts :
"John McCain screwed this up. The out-of-touch Republican leadership in Washington screwed it up. And let’s be honest: Too many of the same tired old faces now trying to reclaim seats of power — like Newt Gingrich — crumbled on the massive banking bailout and capitulated to Reid/Pelosi/Paulson/Bush when steel spines were needed most."
George Bailout Bush drives the final nail in his coffin
Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Hannity against Bush's bailout. But Mr. liberal-independent-conservative (Bill O'Reilly) attacks them.
Ann Coulter against Bush's bailout plan
House GOP rallies against Bush bailout deal
HERITAGE Foundation against the Bush-Obama Borrow-Bailout Parade
Rush Limbaugh against Bush's immigration plan
Conservatives against Bush's immigration plan
Rush Limbaugh against Bush's border plan
Ann Coulter against Bush's open borders policy for immigration
Michelle Malkin against Bush's immigration policy
Michelle Malkin against Bush's environmentalism
Michelle Malkin on housing crisis
Michelle Malkin against Bush's excessive spending
Ann Coulter against Bush's compassionate conservatism
Ann Coulter against Bush's homage to the fetishistic rituals of liberalism
Ann Coulter on Bush's judicial nominee
Conservatives disagree with Bush
CATO Institute on Bush failures
...etc., etc....

Of course, if you get your news from comedian John Steward or from radical will not be aware of these facts. Hollywood , radicals and the mainstream media (MSM) love to keep you in the dark. They don't care if you look stupid.

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